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School Council

EPSHS School Council
​​​​​​​Everton Park State High School is an Independent Public School. We are a member of an elite group of Government schools which will be administrated by a School Council.
The School Council monitors the school's strategic direction, which includes:
·    approving plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature and other documents
·    affecting strategic matters, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
·   monitoring the implementation of plans, policies and other documents
·   advising the school's Principal about strategic matters.
The Council consists of student, staff, parent and community representatives. The Principal and the Parent and Citizens Association President are automatic members of the Council.
School Council Representatives
Sue Wallace - Principal – Official Member, Appointed 2016
  •         Appointed as Principal in 2009.
  •         30 years in education, 6 as Principal.
  • Also interested in developing leadership  across the school
  • Values the Council as it brings parents, students and staff together for the benefit of the school.


Madeleine Hicks – Appointed Member & Chairperson, Appointed 2016
  • Madeleine Hicks Real Estate Est 2013 - Principal
  • Chair of NOW Business, building committee, Everton Park Local since 1978
  • Working towards building a strong local community
  • Values the vision to strategically build EPHS as a strong local community HUB


Roy Packer – Appointed Member,   Appointed 2016
  • Owner and Partner of Super Pharmacy Plus in Stafford, QLD,
  • Trained as a pharmacy assistant, pharmacy student, intern and pharmacist. Worked in indigenous communities; in retail environments; on an ambulance; as an event first aid officer.
  • Interested in many styles of education in both traditional and non-traditional models and has a keen interest in educational frameworks.
  • Organizes youth camps, loves playing music, enjoys a nice cup of specialty coffee, fixes lots of stuff and helps to run a lychee farm in his apparent spare time.


Alison Miles – Staff Representative & Council Secretary, Appointed 2016
  • Staff member since 2016
  • 20 years in education as Classroom teacher and Acting Head of Department
  • Interested in mentoring beginning teachers and promoting the Arts in a wider school community
  • Values the role of the school council in monitoring the strategic direction of the school


Kerry Reid – Parent Representative, Appointed 2017
  • Parent at EP since 2011, Member of the P&C since 2013.Secretary of P&C since 2015
  • Full time student studying Bachelor of Social Work after completing a Diploma of Counselling.
  • Volunteer in the school canteen.
  • Strong supporter of Everton Park State High School.
Principal's statement
Our School Council was formed in early 2016 with an emphasis in promoting our school in the wider community to ensure the school continues to grow. Education is a major focus for parents and communities and Everton Park State High needs a strong and committed School Council to drive through the strategic agenda and vision of Creating Bright Futures for all students.
Our aim as a School Council is to work on our strategic plan goals and the three priorities for improvement: Improving Reading Comprehension for all students, Engaging students to improve attendance and learning outcomes. In addition the school council works towards promoting the school’s reputation as a great school in the wider community.   We are looking to grow the work of our school and business and community partnerships.
School Council Constitution
The Council must have regard to the documents listed in Schedule 1 of the School Council Constitution in performing its functions.
The Council must perform its functions in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school's students and may only perform its functions in relation to the school for which it is established. The Council is not part of the Department of Education and Training, is not a body corporate and does not have a separate legal identity.
 The Council may not:
·    interfere with the management by the school's Executive Principal of the day-to-day operations of the school and its curriculum; or
·    make operational decisions about the use of teaching or learning resources at the school; or
·    make decisions about the individual teaching style used, or to be used, at the school; or
·    make a decision that is contrary to law or a written policy of the department; or
·    have control of funds; or
·    enter into contracts; or
·    acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with property; or
·    sue or be sued.