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Student services and support programs

The Chaplaincy Service at the school is co-ordinated and implemented by a paid Chaplain working in-school currently 5 days a week and is supported by volunteers from local representative churches for the running of lunch time programs & organised events. 
Chaplaincy is a relationship-based service offering support to the entire school community - students, their parents and families, staff - and forms part of the school’s support services network. Chaplaincy provides positive assistance to students with a diverse range of issues such as grief, conflict, friendships & relationships, and primarily aims to provide a positive hope-based adult support in-school. The Chaplain & the Local Committee are passionately committed to providing positive life support and relevant initiatives that make a real difference to the school community by: 
The Chaplain is directly accountable to a Local Chaplaincy Committee which is representative of the interested parties, local churches, parents, students and staff. The Committee meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 3.30pm in the Chaplain’s Room to discuss and evaluate the service, set goals, organise events and promotions and prayerfully support the work. 
Current Chaplain - Anna Oettinger
I have been a chaplain for 5 years and have loved getting alongside young people and their families to see them reach their fullest potential. I love my role and feel it plays an important part in supporting students with a team that helps connect them to the wider community. Chaplaincy is another way for the community to assist the school in bringing care, support and hope to young people. 
Phone: (07) 3354 0218

Guidance Officer

Guidance Officers are employed by the Department of Education and Training to assist students and their families. Guidance Officers are registered teachers or psychologists with appropriate post-graduate qualifications. The guidance program at Everton Park SHS is strongly linked to other student support programs within the Student Services Team in collaboration with the School Based Youth Health Nurse, Chaplain, Youth Support Coordinator and Vocational Education Officer.

Guidance officers provide a range of support services to students including:

  • Counselling and case management.
  • Assessment and individualised student support.
  • Recommendations and advice to students, teachers and parents concerning educational, behavioural, career development, mental health and family issues.
  • Consultation with student and family around mental health concerns, on-referral to appropriate agencies and continued liaison with agencies around student supports at school.
  • Guidance and support in the process of Senior Education and Training (SET) planning, career development including QTAC and University liaison and future pathway options. 
  • Comprehensive support and referral services that optimise students’ access and engagement in educational programs.
  • Facilitation of social & emotional and mental health programs. ​
Our Guidance Officer, Delaney Bassett, is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weekly.
Students can make their own appointment at the library.
Parents are welcome to make appointments by contacting the school on
(07) 3354 0222.

School Nurse

The School-based Youth Health Service is delivered in partnership with Education Queensland to address the health and wellbeing of the young people and the school communities in Brisbane state secondary schools.

Parents or young people can self-refer or a referral can be made by a health professional or school staff.

Rosie Hollett is available on Tuesdays and appointments can be made through the office.


Youth Support Coordinator

The Youth Support Coordinator is responsible for  identifying barriers to young people achieving outcomes and referring to appropriate support services. The YSC works with students at risk of disengaging from education through home visits, in school support and making connections between staff, families, students and the community.

Byron Adams  is available on Mondays and Fridays and appointments  can be made through the main office.


Defence School Mentor

The Defence School Mentor provides assistance and         support to Defence children and their families  to ease the impact of mobility and        service related  parental     absence.  The DSM supports  ongoing awareness  within the school community of the  needs of Defence families  and works to develop programs , information and refer to relevant support agencies.

Mrs. KC is available on Wednesday and Thursday and appointments can be made through the office.


Indigenous Teacher Aide

The school employs an Indigenous teacher aide to help and support Indigenous students in all aspects of their schooling. The teacher aide’s involvement consists of: Acting as an advocate for           indigenous students, positively promoting the indigenous         culture of our school, providing opportunities for Indigenous students within school, community, work place and supporting students to achieve a successful educational experience.

Miss Lea is available Monday-Friday and appointments can be made through the office.