Music activities


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Rock Band (Junior/Senior)

Students that demonstrate interest in playing and creating music have the opportunity to audition to join one of the Schools Rock Bands. Students dedicate their own time outside of class to learning songs from all genres and difficulties to rehearse and perform. The Junior Rock Band had the opportunity to play at the Schools Musical Evening as well as the Moonah Park aged care excursion. While there is currently only one junior and senior rock band, a great number of students have expressed interest in joining one of the rock bands, so new musicians are always needed!

Vocal Group

Students that have an interest in singing have the opportunity to increase their technical and performance skills through the vocal group. 
Students dedicate one lunch break a week to rehearsing the chosen repertoire as a group to perform at local primary schools and their fetes. 
These hardworking students have sparked interest in their peers with a growing number of students expressing their interest in joining the group.
Guitar Club

Guitar Club is hosted during both breaks on a Wednesday every week. This allows for students of any year to come and learn some guitar, regardless of their prior knowledge. It’s a friendly, self-directed environment with Mr Jordan aiding students in learning any songs or techniques that they are interested in. We have a large number of acoustic and electric guitar and basses along with some incredibly fun FX pedals for students to enjoy.

Instrumental Music

The Everton Park State High School Instrumental Music program is an extra-curricular program which offers students the chance to learn an orchestral instrument as part of a small group during school hours. Instrumental Music is independent of the Music subjects offered within the curriculum.  

Students have the opportunity to learn any of the Brass, Woodwind or Percussion instruments and can be provided with the instrument and tuition books through the school also. They will receive a weekly 35min lesson in a small group and they can also join the school Big Band.  

 The Big Band is Everton Park State High School's premier performing ensemble and students get regular opportunities to perform in and around the EPSHS community. We regularly connect with other schools and community organisations in the area to provide entertainment and learning opportunities for members of the wider community. 

We welcome any students who would like to play one of the instruments on offer, no prior learning is needed, we are happy to have all levels join our program and can provide tuition for beginners right through to our most advanced players. 

Last reviewed 10 March 2021
Last updated 10 March 2021