Student services and support programs

Chaplaincy is a relationship-based service offering support to the entire school community, including students, families and staff. 

Chaplaincy is part of the school’s Student Support Services network. 

Chaplaincy provides assistance to students for a diverse range of issues such as grief and loss, conflict and friendships and relationships. The support primarily aims to provide a positive hope-based adult support in-school.  

Dave McCafferty is available on Tuesdays and Fridays; 
Anna Oettinger is available on Tuesdays. 
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office. 

Guidance Officer
Guidance Officers (GO) are employed by the Department of Education to support staff, students and students’ families through offering a range of services including:
  • individual counselling
  • career guidance
  • alternate pathway referrals
  •  welfare support  
  • external agency referrals. 
Guidance Officers are registered teachers or psychologists with appropriate 
post-graduate qualifications. 
Scot, Prina.jpg
Prina Scot is available Monday to Friday. 
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office.

 School Based Youth Health Nurse
The School Based Youth Health service is delivered in partnership with Education Queensland to address the health and wellbeing of young people and school communities in state secondary schools across Queensland.

Parents or young people can self-refer or a referral can be made by a health professional or school staff member. 
Hollett Rosie 342929.jpg
Rosie Hollett is available on Tuesdays. 
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office. 

Youth Support Worker
The Youth Support Worker (YSW) is responsible for identifying barriers to young people achieving academic and personal outcomes and referring to appropriate support services as needed. 

The YSW provides support to students at risk of disengaging from education through home visits, in-school support, and establishing positive connections between staff, families, students, and the wider community. 
Adam Davies.png
Adam Davies is available on Monday to Thursday. 
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office. 
Defence School Mentor
Defence School Mentors (DSM) provides assistance and support to Defence children and their families to ease the impact of mobility and service-related parental absence.  

The DSM supports ongoing awareness within the school community of the needs of Defence families  and works to develop programs, distribute information, and refer to relevant support agencies. 
Abby defence mentor2.jpg
Abby Rana KC is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office. 

Indigenous Education Worker
Indigenous Education Workers are employed to help and support Indigenous students in all aspects of their schooling. 
Their involvement consists of: 
  • advocacy for indigenous students
  • positive promotion of indigenous culture 
  • provision of opportunities for Indigenous students in the school, community and work place  
  • supporting students to achieve a successful educational experience.
Lea, Robyn.jpg
Robyn Lea is available Monday - Friday.
Students and parents can book appointments through the school office

Last reviewed 19 February 2021
Last updated 19 February 2021