Work expectations and homework

Work Completion
To receive credit for a course of work and be awarded a level of achievement, students must have satisfactory attendance and have completed all requirements for the course of work. The course of work is defined as all class work, homework, fieldwork and practical work as well as assessments (including assignments).
It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a positive work ethic, make a genuine effort in line with the set criteria for all course work, and catch up on incomplete work.

The Work Completion Process
  • Teachers will monitor students’ work systematically.
  • When work is not completed, the teacher will take steps to have the student complete the work. A reasonable timeline will be given. This may involve multiple steps and could include contact with parents, support teachers, Head of Department and / or Guidance Officer, etc.). The student will find it better to complete the work as soon as possible.
  • If the work is not completed by the re-negotiated timeline, the teacher will refer the matter to the Head of Department. Parents will also be notified at all times.
  • If, after appropriate steps have been implemented, the work is still not complete, the Head of Department will liaise with the Head of Year. A review of student work will occur and the student and parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the Principal.
  • All coursework must be completed if a student is to be rated in a subject.
  • If work is not completed their Level of Achievement will be affected.
  • Any subject for which the student is not given credit will appear on the School Report with an appropriate result and comments about work ethic and performance.
  • In Years 11 and 12 non credit will affect the student’s Queensland Certificate of Education as only those subjects in which the student achieves a satisfactory result will be recorded. It may also affect a student‘s Overall Position (OP) eligibility.
Homework Expectations
Students are expected to do homework or study each night. Although some curriculum areas may not issue homework on a nightly basis; there will always be ongoing study and assignments. It is important that homework is treated seriously if students are to achieve the best possible results.
Homework has two main objectives:
  • To establish consistent study patterns
  • To reinforce subject matter learned in class
What is classified as Homework?
  • Set homework due for class lessons
  • Set revision work
  • Assignment/Project research and preparation
  • Set reading
Homework Process
  • Students will take their Student Planner to each lesson
  • All homework must be recorded in the Student Planner.
How much Homework would be required?
The minimum study time needed each day varies with the year level
  • Year 07: 1 hour each night Year 10: 2 hours each night
  • Year 08: 1 hour each night Year 11: 2 hours each night
  • Year 09: 1 hour each night Year 12: 2 hours each night
The school publishes an Assessment Calendar at the beginning of each semester on the school website, which should be used to plan assignments and test revision for the semester
An Assignment must satisfy the following criteria:
  • It must be the student’s own work.
  • It must be completed and presented by the due date unless there are exceptional circumstances which are covered by the following provisions:
  • The Principal or Head of Department may grant an extension of time prior to the due date, if, in his or her opinion, sufficient reason exists.
  • A Parent/Guardian has spoken with the Head of Department to discuss any extended absence due to illness up to and including the deadline.
  • If the student is absent due to illness on the day of deadline the following provisions are available:
a) The assignment is to be delivered by a friend or relative.
b) Parent/Guardian may contact the relevant Head of Department on the day to explain the circumstance and make arrangements for the assignment to be handed in.
c) Parent/Guardian should speak personally with the Head of Department to discuss any absence due to special circumstances e.g. bereavement.
Completed assignments, which are handed in by the due date, will be:
a) marked and commented upon.
b) credited towards completion of the course.
c) credited towards the student’s level of achievement for the course.
Unless covered by the arrangements outlined above, late or incomplete assignments will be treated as follows:
a) marked and commented upon;
b) credited towards completion of the course;
c) assessed on current class work related to the assignment.
6. If the Principal deems it necessary students who fail to complete assignments will be required to complete alternative assessment items.

Examinations and Class Tests
  • All students are to adhere to the Examination/Class Test times as set by the school.
  • Examinations/Class Tests and all assessment take priority over all school activities unless prior arrangements have been made or permission granted by the subject teacher, appropriate Head of
  • Department and/or member of Administration.
  • No Examinations/Class Tests will be given to students prior to the set date for the main body of students unless approved by the Principal.
  • Students who are late to an exam, without a valid reason, will be allowed to enter but will not receive extra time. They will still be expected to comply with the scheduled finish time for the exam.
  • Students must complete the assessment item (Examination/Class Test) as part of the school’s Work Completion Policy.
If a student misses an Examination/Class Test the options are:
  • On the first day the student returns to school they are to report to the Head of Department and present a note of explanation from their parents or guardian detailing the reasons for missing the Examination / Class Test or; Present a medical certificate to the Head of Department or a parent or guardian must personally contact the administration on the day to explain the circumstances.
  • If a student knows in advance that they will miss an exam the parent or guardian should personally contact the Administration to explain the circumstances and to discuss special consideration arrangements (if applicable). In most cases the student will be required to sit their Examination/Class Test at a time negotiated between themselves and the Head of Department.

Last reviewed 08 March 2023
Last updated 08 March 2023