Camps and excursions


Resilience and Leadership Camp Program
Year 7 Resilience Camp
All Year 7 students are invited to attend the Emu Gully Adventure Camping Program designed to build resilience.  The Camp focuses on the ANZAC character values of courage, perseverance, mateship and sacrifice.
The Core Values of Emu Gully support the school’s values to develop and foster:
  • Character
  • Respect
  • Leading by example
  • Safety
  • A “can do” attitude
Students will spend three days at Emu Gully and will be issued with their own tent, mess kit with eating utensils, drinking canteen, cup and hexamine stove. (These they can take home at the end of camp). 

Activities will involve team planning and developing a sense of community and support to ensure they take these attributes back to school.


Year 9 Junior Leadership Camp
Our Junior Secondary School Camp Program at Everton Park State High School extends into Year 9.  Students attend an Adventure Camp on Moreton Island where they will experience themes around leadership, building positive relationships and resilience.

Held in November, this camp will is held at the Comboyuro Point Campground on Moreton Island, located 35kms from Brisbane across Moreton Bay. This is a fully-supervised camp with all instruction, equipment, accommodation and meals provided.

Moreton Island's School Camp program provides a range of activities catering for all students.  Activities at Moreton Island Camp range from 4WD Safari Tour, exploring tidal flats and wrecks on the island, to spotlighting of native animals, beach activities and tobogganing.

Students sleep in set up tents with camp mattresses. As well as this being a fun and exciting adventure, the Moreton Island Camp program is seen as an opportunity for students to explore content studied in curriculum areas, for example, Science and Geography.  It will also allow them to have a reflective look at themselves, and provide a very unique opportunity to develop relationships within the group.  

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Year 11 Leadership Camp
The Year 11 Leadership camp is held at Helidon at the Emu Gully Adventure Camp. 

The purpose of the camp is to develop teamwork and leadership qualities with the activities typically based around epic ANZAC events. The camp aims to inspire and empower students to live purpose filled lives in unity with others, by development of character traits synonymous with ANZAC values of courage, perseverance, mateship and sacrifice.

The majority of activities at Emu Gully are  framed to provide a simple historical context of epic ANZAC events such as The Western Front, the Siege of Tobruk, The Tunnel Rats of Vietnam, The Bridge over the River Kwai and the Kokoda Track. Each activity confronts participants with the choice to demonstrate and reflect on the character values needed to succeed in the activity, and more importantly in life.
Students also have the opportunity to discuss their leadership aspirations in the school.
Last reviewed 26 June 2019
Last updated 26 June 2019