Bring Your Own Device



Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Everton Park State High School has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOX) program that enables students to bring a laptop that meets the school determined minimum specifications to school.  (See "Acceptable Devices List")

The purpose of this policy is to define Everton Park State High School's accepted practices, responsibilities and procedures for the use of student-owned technology devices that Everton Park SHS authorises to connect to the school's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems. 

Scope and Application
This policy applies to all students of Everton Park SHS. It affects any device and/or accompanying media that a student uses to access the systems and data of Everton Park State High School, regardless of whether they are used within or outside normal school hours.

Technology Device
Everton Park Sate High School will:
  • Publish a minimum specification list on the school's website; 
  • Select appropriate devices for the program based on the pedagogical and operational needs of the school. Devices, as determined by Everton Park SHS, that do not meet the needs of the pedagogical and operational needs of Everton Park State High School will not be permitted to be used at Everton Park SHS;
  • Require devices to be brought to the school with a minimum requirement of software.   
  • Reserves the right to request additional free apps during the school year.  
Use of the device at school
Everton Park SHS recognises that the BYOX is owned by the parent/carer. However, to be successfully used in the school environment, there are a number of standards that must be maintained and procedures to follow. Parents will agree via the BYOX Program User Agreement to abide by the school rules for the program. 

  • In order to use the device at the school there are a number of apps, software and settings that must be maintained by the parent/carers and/or student.  This must include virus protection software.  
  • Everton Park SHS agrees to provide "User Documentation" on the school website that describes the steps required to join the device to the school's network and resources. 
  • The BYOX will be used to access school resources and will be used in a school environment and students will be expected to bring their device as part of their regular equipment for learning. Accordingly, to ensure that students are using the BYOX in accordance with the school rules, the device must be presented to relevant school personnel along with all relevant passwords when a student is instructed to present the device.
  • The user of the device is responsible for securing the device against theft, loss, or use by persons not authorised to use the device.  
  • The user of the device is responsible for replacing, maintaining, and arranging technical support for the device. Everton Park SHS will provide limited support to students and an annual fee of $60 will be charged as part of the school resource charges. Documentation of common technical tasks will be developed and maintained by Everton Park SHS.
  • Students found breaching any aspect of this policy will be treated in accordance with the school's Responsible Behaviour Plan.
  • Parents/carers and students agree to provide authority over the device. This authority includes permission to wipe the device, if deemed by the Principal to be necessary. This includes all personal data that may be present on the device. Students, when exiting the school, may be instructed to present the device to the Principal, Deputy Principal or delegate for inspection.  Parents will be notified before the inspection and given the opportunity to attend the inspection. Students will be present during this inspection.   
Appropriate Use of the Device

Students must:

  • Ensure their device is fully charged and ready for the school day.
  • Ensure the device has all required software loaded on their device.
  • Be ready to use their device to support and facilitate learning in the classroom.
  • Allow any staff member to immediately view any active/open software or application, when directed. 
  • Provide the device and any passwords required to the access the device to school personnel upon the request of the school Principal, Deputy Principal or a Head of Department. 
  • Ensure the device is stored securely while not in use at school. 
Students must not:
  • Use the device in any way that may bring the school into disrepute. This includes, but is not limited by:
  • Viewing or attempting to view illicit web material,
  • Cyber-bullying or intimidation,
  • Using email inappropriately, this includes: trolling, bullying, using offensive language 
  • Misrepresenting the school or any other person or entity in electronic communications,
  • Viewing or attempting to view any material associated with bomb-making, drugs, or any material deemed by the school to be unsafe conduct.
  • Use their device to record video, audio or take pictures unless they have consent from their teacher/s or other persons
  • Upload to any website any digital media from their device without consent from their teacher/s or other persons

Last reviewed 29 March 2023
Last updated 29 March 2023